Health Impacts of air pollution

Air pollution affects different people in different ways.Eye infection


People who don’t have medical conditions generally won’t notice the effects of air pollution. However, when air pollution reaches high levels even healthy people may get a sore or dry throat, sore eyes and a tickly cough.



Heart & LungsHowever, people who have heart or lung problems are more likely to become unwell or need treatment, especially when the pollution levels are high. They should take their doctors advice.




It’s worth remembering children do not need stay away from school, or avoid taking part in games, because of air pollution. Children with asthma should make sure they have their usual medicines, like inhalers with them at all times and teachers know about their asthma and what to do.


But air pollution isn't only harmful to humans and other animals. Nitrogen dioxide and ozone can also damage crops, like wheat and barley.


How do I know if air pollution is bad?

Air pollution is measured and monitored within the UK using a scale from 1 to 10. Air pollution is Low if it is 1 to 3, Moderate if it is 4 to 6, High if it is 7 to 9 and Very High if it is 10 on the scale. You can check the pollution levels on the homepage!